Anti-feminists are "woman haters" and people who want to dispute women's rights. This is a picture that floats in many people's minds. The origin of this false assumption is the subjective meaning of the word "feminism" and we may derive from it an understanding of what "anti-feminism" probably must be. Many people have a pretty one-dimensional, almost childishly naive, idea of what feminism is. Feminism is for women and their rights and whoever is against feminism should naturally also be against women. At least that is the conclusion which emerges from this simple, crude definition. However, in what follows, we will see that this definition is not only false, but also fundamentally different from reality.

This so-called feminism is put in place to ridicule men as soon as they formulate even legitimate claims for their own sex. With its network of Equal Opportunity Offices and those responsible, it distributes money always in such a way only to serve the female population, and above all is missing at any place where boys and men have to deal with existential problems which require urgent assistance. This so-called feminism will certainly put a monopoly on suffering in the hands of women and excludes men as a gender from compassion of society. In this respect, feminism can confidently be called "gynocentric hegemony." The breeding ground for this hegemony is a perversion of the celebrated Victim-narcissism which, by definition, explains women as eternal victims, and men as eternal perpetrators. A victim is weak, and it raises the question of what should be attractive to assume its role. A victim can also make requests without ever taking responsibility. And even if the victim manages to rise above its tormentors, so the victim may enjoy all the benefits of the weak and the powerful simultaneously, without having to acquire the disadvantages. The resurrected victim remains victim in spite of all acquired powers, is acquitted of any responsibility or guilt, and is even above criticism. The victim therefore mutates to holy with absolute interpretative authority and inviolability. Consider this, on one hand; women today are constantly put on a pedestal, hailed as Alpha-empowered girls, whereas men are vilified as useless flesh, violent, and impulsive. Consider on the other hand the enthusiasm with which again and again the mantric role of the victim is cemented with women.
This schizophrenic Feminine Mystique has a system. It defines men as the oppressors, but inferior, whereas the definition of women is one of a nobler and purer people who rise above their oppressors. Basically, this structure can be described as fascistic with a quiet conscience. And just as it should be for an ideology, it is all connected obviously with a promise of salvation. A by women dominated and from "male principle “freed world must be a better one, what else. The feminist interpretative authority is thus at once legitimized in three ways: first, by the victim, secondly, by the woman as the "better human", and thirdly by the promise of salvation in a better, more feminine world. What privileges can't be justified with the elimination of discrimination, can optionally also with female superiority, be justified.

What do anti-feminists stand for? Your enemy is not women, and here is why. Feminism today has to do with women as much as the Socialist Party has to do with the working class.
Feminism is neither concerned with the population of women as a whole. Likewise, feminism doesn't stand for disputed basic human rights. Anti-feminism today can therefore not be equated with misogyny. The outcry of some left-wing extremist says that anti-feminists try to turn back the wheel to dispute women's emancipation and push them back into the kitchen, is almost considered comical. Why should anti-feminists want this? Why would men like this? Women at the stove and men in the factory? What man wants that? What anti-feminists want is the end of the Zeitgeist in which women are holy and men who speak are demonized. Anti-feminists want the end of a policy which promotes women yet disciplines men. Anti-feminists demand that men are given the same humanity, the same compassion, and the same support as women. So? Are these claims so bad?

Translated from German Antifeminismus.